WarpedCore Studio

Games from the mind of Diego Almazan

WarpedCore Studio is an Austin based digital art creation business focused on producing new and exciting imagery for a wide variety of applications.  Previous works have included concept art for videogames, card game illustrations, and assets for video production.

Updates February 2019

This round of updates has been a combination of bug fixes, new/improved features, and changes to art and content. In other words, a bit of everything.

An art pass has been made to the ice assets for their respective stages. The plan from here is to redesign the second two stages to make better use of the new art and features, so keep an eye out for that!


The next biggest change players will see is the all new player name editor which can be accessed during character select. Names the players choose will display during personalized messages such as the stats screen and the leader-board.


The other changes are mainly improvements to functionality and finish. These include new music, improved creature behaviors, and fixes that improve issues with player input. Read below for more info!

Changes Dec 2018:

  • new ice assets created

  • Players can't move as much when playing dead

  • new music added to swamp levels

  • Reintroduced boss timer

  • Fixed coins being dropped through barriers

  • created warp volumes to deal with creatures and players who end up out of bounds

  • fixed spawn in animations that start with colliders disabled

  • fixed broken win screen for teams on boss battle

  • camera now zooms to boss and focuses on nearest player after boss defeat

  • splash graphic created and applied to all creatures

  • fixed monsters not consuming treasure targeted during special attack

Changes January 2019:

  • New graphic added for boss creature that enters savage mode

  • Creature waypoint range is now hard coded

  • Game can no longer be paused while match is over

  • Boomerang pickup no longer damages breakable objects

  • Player Chests no longer spawn if inactive

Changes February 2019:

  • New music added for start screen, character select, and map

  • Updates to creature special attack system. Can now be adapted to basic/main attack

  • Projectiles can now target waypoints

  • Improved physics reset after creature ability

  • Switched Serpent and Fish Man bosses to each others stages

  • Added Chains to Fish Man

  • Updates to Fish Man’s animation controller

  • Level balance to accommodate boss changes

  • New abilities for serpent creature

  • Players now get points for doing boss damage during boss stages

  • Fixed win screen message not displaying correct winners and scores

  • Fixed menu not working when inactive controller is still connected

  • Controller display now automatically detects controller type

  • Player names can be entered during character select

  • New Leader-board added to stats viewer