WarpedCore Studio

Games from the mind of Diego Almazan

WarpedCore Studio is an Austin based digital art creation business focused on producing new and exciting imagery for a wide variety of applications.  Previous works have included concept art for videogames, card game illustrations, and assets for video production.

Updates November 2018

These past updates have mostly had to do with adding new content and balancing difficulty. While much work still needs to be done for some levels, the game now has all 18 in place! Volcano zone now has three stages, and three new Swamp stages have been created along with a matching boss.


The approach to adjusting balance is multifaceted. Many adjustments are made to improve the players movement and interactivity. In some cases this makes the game easier because the player behavior becomes a little more predictable and intentional.

Other changes to balance include adding enemies and turrets to some stages to dial up the difficulty while also adding a system for limited lives which cause the player to loose points after they’ve died too many times.


Check out the list below for a more detailed view of the updates!

Changes Sept 2018:

  • Destructible object system created

  • Jumps no longer cancel vertical momentum

  • Creatures will no longer ignore attacking players while chasing lure

  • Flame projectile now has a trail

  • Fixes to riding platforms

  • Fixes to swim behavior

  • New Volcano Stage Created

  • Start Screen adapted to work with various aspect ratios

  • Included music volume setting in save file

  • Fixed Players getting stuck when walking under ladders

  • Fixed player 1 cam drawing incorrectly on 2 player mode

  • Hints now draw behind players and enemies

Changes Oct 2018:

  • Fire effect added to lava

  • Water preference added for creatures (enables land dwelling creatures)

  • Jellys now have less health but attack more frequently

  • Blocks of ice now appear in ice level. Can freeze treasure spawners

  • New Swamp Stages created

  • Fixed bug that makes it appear as though nothing is selected when menu is opened

  • Menu navigation is improved

  • Fixed Audio for intro video

  • Bosses now only drop gold if score is greater than 0

  • Grime Reaper boss created

  • Creature attack cooldown applied at spawn in

  • Currents in level 1-C are weaker, making it possible to traverse using only fast swim mechanic

  • Charge attack tutorial moved to level 2-A

  • Fixed dynamic tail segments flying in from off screen during spawn in animation

  • Level timer now ends right when the boss is defeated

  • Shields no longer cause bosses to untarget player when attacked

  • New CrayFish creature created

  • Monsters now attack destructible objects that are in the way

Changes Nov 2018

  • Player can now have limited lives!

  • Players with no lives can respawn for a point cost

  • Players no longer stand on non-ground object while under water

  • added Unlimited lives option for completed stages

  • Fixed projectiles registering hits on whirlwind shield

  • System set up to balance lives and respawn cost in competetive or co-op play

  • Bosses no longer timed by default

  • Updated boss defeat sequence

  • slightly reduced difficulty for desert stages

  • New Dungeon boss "Devourer" created

  • Dungeon level art improvements

  • turrets added to dungeon levels

  • moving platforms can now be used to boost players

  • moving platforms can now wait for players at their start

  • Charge move no longer locks player aim when grounded in water

  • Sunken Ships can now have limited treasure

  • Charge attack can no longer hit any one creature twice in one use

  • Charge attack now does 3 damage (instead of 2)

  • Magic missile now only hits 2 times

  • snow and wind added to ice stages

  • Breakable object sounds no longer play when creatures or projectiles hit them from far off screen.

  • Creature abilities now enable or disable correctly when dying and respawning

  • Players can now only carry 2 bombs at a time

  • turret component created to make non creature objects that shoot projectiles

  • volcanoes now shoot flaming rocks

  • monsters can now be made to take more damage before getting stunned