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WarpedCore Studio is an Austin based digital art creation business focused on producing new and exciting imagery for a wide variety of applications.  Previous works have included concept art for videogames, card game illustrations, and assets for video production.

Updates August 2018

This month the main focus has been on polish. Many systems in the game have undergone changes to make them either perform better or simply make more sense. Bombs, for instance, can no longer damage players or creatures when there is a solid barrier between them, while magic missiles can hit strong creatures up to three times before disappearing


The most visible change is the interface having a new font and some nicer intro animations while the level starts and players spawn into the match for the first time. 

Some big steps were also taken in filling out the art for the level select map. The first two zones now have art that more closely resembles the stages they provide for battle.


Lastly, rules have finally been added for which monsters players have access to when choosing options for a previously completed stage. Now, when a player or group of players defeat a monster in a boss stage, that monster can be made to appear in any stage that has been completed.

Below is a full list of changes made this month. Be sure to download Aqua Lungers on steam to see them in action for yourself!

  • Monsters now have to be unlocked in order to sub for other stages
  • match settings now persist between matches and selections
  • match settings no longer apply to uncompleted levels or bosses
  • non-passthrough projectiles are now stopped by enemies with more than 1 hp
  • Fixed camera jitters when hitting boundaries
  • Boomerangs can no longer steal from other boomerangs
  • Players no longer get stuck on edges
  • Greater boost for getting out of water while loaded with gold
  • Cliff zone and Desert zone have updated map art
  • New ocean waves animation for level select map
  • projectiles can now hit a fixed number of times before dying
  • updates to dungeon stages
  • new dungeon music added
  • UI now consistent across the game
  • stage intro sequences added
  • New font added to UI
  • Better behavior for interface when pausing the game
  • implementing main camera animations for stage intro
  • new colorized Aqua Lungers logo for each player on match start
  • it's now possible for creatures to be shy and run away from players
  • fish loaded with teaseure created that must be chased
  • boomerang now steals from other players more reliably
  • system added to create serpents an tails
  • new volcano level created
  • Stun from charge attack on players adjusted to 1.15 sec.
  • Throwing gold while in water now defaults to players facing angle
  • bubble trail added to magic missile
  • new Start screen animation
  • fixed bug making it possilbe to play basic attack during dash sequence
  • basic attack now deploys faster
  • fixed inputs not engaging on level select map
  • Charge graphic displays early to indicate charging
  • fixed Players spawning in the wrong order
  • adjusted colors for treasure boxes
  • mouse input no longer affects UI
  • New system created to add tutorial graphics
  • Creature abilities can now lock rotation
  • Intro sequence added to start screen
  • Camera on dead players now follow monster only when it's close enough
  • Bombs no longer hit trough walls
  • fixed bombs not affecting player or creatures behind 1 way platforms
  • removed narrow window of distance where bomb does not affect players
  • line of sight between bombs and enemy hit boxes now check more accurately
  • Music performs better after loosing and regaining program focus
  • Creature Special abilities can now utilize multiple projectile emitters
  • game now saves options data
  • in game map now exits to Title Screen
  • level 1 dressed with more colorful art
  • Fixed players moving extra fast on certain types of platforms
  • Player knock-back is now calculated differently when struck by basic attack
  • Dash attack can no longer hit player on the same frame as head stomp
  • Improved monster behavior for walking over treasure and bait
  • Stats collected are now saved and can be viewed from the map options menu.
  • Crushing blocks can now be fitted with a push object that will push boss monsters away from crushing zones