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WarpedCore Studio is an Austin based digital art creation business focused on producing new and exciting imagery for a wide variety of applications.  Previous works have included concept art for videogames, card game illustrations, and assets for video production.

Updates July 2018

Updates for this month include a lot of polish and bug fixing as well as some new content. Many of these have to do with creature movement and ability systems which are shared by most units in the game aside from the player, which also gets some quality of life upgrades. In terms of content the new items include several new stages, and a couple new boss encounters.

Brand new stats display at the end of the match!

Brand new stats display at the end of the match!

Besides content and polish, you'll also see a brand new feature at the end of each match which is the scoreboard. The game now keeps track of deaths, kills, money dropped and a few other metrics players might be interested in seeing to help measure their performance when a match is completed.


  • Game now collects stats and displays them at the end of each round
  • Respawn text and countdown no longer displays after match end
  • improved movement behavior for boomerangs
  • Music Volume adjustments
  • Monsters will collect treasure more quickly
  • Monsters now lose points when dropping treasure after player attacks
  • When player is swimming in water, dash attack now defaults to players facing direction
  • Players rotation is now maintained when exiting dash in water
  • Updated FishMan's windup animation
  • FishMan's Spin attacks have smaller hit box
  • Monsters will now enter savage mode when attacked repeatedly
  • Savage mode will now wait until a player is targeted to enable
  • Fixed redundancies having to do with the buoyant script
  • Made changes to help accommodate different aspect ratio displays
  • Invincible fish can no longer be killed with stomps
  • Graphic now displays on map when a level has been successfully completed
  • Ice Level 3 created
  • bubble shield now depletes when on lava
  • Charge attack can no longer hit players twice in one try
  • bombs now aim away from player by default
  • bombs and projectiles now default aim to players orientation
  • bombs now have a longer fuse
  • Boss Stage Created for volcano zone
  • Main Camera turns off when all players loaded
  • MusicManager now created from audio manager
  • updated level previews on map for new stages
  • Added option menu control for chromatic aberration
  • added option menu control for screen resolution
  • Starting features for advanced lighting mode on powerful machines
  • Monsters can no longer be stun locked with bombs
  • 2 New Dungeon stages created
  • New Dungeon Boss battle created
  • Lateral movement is now slower on climbing surfaces and vertical movement incresed
  • Improvements to Jumping out of water for players
  • Desert boss stage rearranged to be easier
  • Water exit boost no longer applied to players dash-Attacking out from water
  • Creatures now wait for base attack to finish before initiating special attack
  • improvements on knockback when fish are attacked
  • Desert zone 3 completed
  • changes to spawner system for creatures: now keeps it's own count outside of pooler
  • Creature spawner script can now be called from other scripts to spawn units
  • Spinning stars graphic added for dazed monsters
  • dazed monsters no longer attack when jumping out of water or on land
  • Creature and projectile deactivation tweaked for consistency in editor
  • Desert zone 2 added
  • Fixed Tortoise appearing to stop for no reason
  • Fixed creatures using base attack during and immediately after special ability
  • Tortoise animation fixes
  • Improved behavior for monster abilities
  • Players now have a climb animation
  • Made getting out of the water easier in many stages
  • Music now separate from sound effects (for dev)
  • Monster no longer scores points when game is not "on"
  • Creature move animation speed can now adjust for when they are moving
  • Move speed adjustments added to special attacks
  • Added Feedback for hitting armored monster parts
  • Fixed treasure throw being stopped by climbing volumes
  • Fixed monster special attack movement having faster speed on high framerate
  • Fixed monster getting pushed during windup
  • Fixed special attack breaking when target dies
  • Monster attack cooldown method now only takes the longest number (cooldown cannot be canceled)
  • monster abilities now reset attack cooldown.
  • Flash animations for creatures improved
  • Monsters now have added mass and drag during special attacks to prevent floating away