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WarpedCore Studio is an Austin based digital art creation business focused on producing new and exciting imagery for a wide variety of applications.  Previous works have included concept art for videogames, card game illustrations, and assets for video production.

Updates June 2018

Since the last update there have been many changes on the systems end for Aqua Lungers, with a focus on monster behavior.  Improvements include better navigation, less broken attacks, and new features to make new monsters more unique to each other as new ones become available in the game. 

New creature using AimHandle feature for projectiles

New creature using AimHandle feature for projectiles

Other improvements include features to help communicate to players how the game works. While there is still work to do in this department, testing seems to indicate that the changes are making a positive difference.  Check out the list below for more details!

  • Monsters no longer take damage when they are dead
  • Improvements to lure distraction logic
  • Fixed monster not seeing waypoints behind climing objects
  • Tortoise creature added to game and put in level 4
  • Death animation added to boss creatures
  • Controls in map menu tweaked for better responsiveness
  • Hit Boxes can now be added to creatures
  • Art pass done for desert zone
  • Update dungeon art
  • Energy effect for pinky windup
  • added aim handle support for monster abilitiess
  • Monsters now collect treasure and score points, displayed up top.
  • Monsters can now win a match against the player
  • treasure piles can now overflow, causing items to slowly spill out over time
  • players can no longer throw through solid barriers
  • Monsters now have a resistance to stun after recovering from dazed state
  • Monster Attacks are now canceled on succesful stun
  • added lighting system to level select map
  • creatures now check for CLOSEST player to target, not the last in the list of available players
  • creatures now check for closer player targets after 1.5 seconds, and then every .5 seconds
  • monsters no longer turn during attack animations
  • monster savage mode now waits for special attacks to finish
  • monster no longer collects treasure while in savage mode
  • Level 2 rearranged to force more engagements and set up understanding for cliffs in level 3
  • Added points to win score at start of match
  • Adjusted level 3 to help new players learn controls
  • Made red fish attack slower and added pinky back to Level 3
  • Cameras with dead player now follow the monster
  • Player rotation now stays at last angle when realeasing thumbstick under water
  • pressing jump in water now defaults to ascend when no direction is chosen
  • Game now reads default match settings from Level card
  • Fixed Players not being scored correctly if dead at match end
  • Adjusted camera shake behavior to not get the camera stuck
  • Fixed Game breaking bug where returning to main menu without player 1 would disrupt player order (can't start next menu)
  • Added xbox version for control explanations
  • Added menu option to switch input display style
  • Tweaks to level 1 to make it easier for new players
  • Added WarpedCore Splash Screen at start
  • Adjusted rules for agressive shields to attack more reliably.
  • Fixed Bomb hitting monster more than once at a time
  • Added powerups to boss stages
  • Added "Defeat the Boss!" at start of boss stages
  • Fixed crash on start caused by input manager
  • Improvements to player settings being passed from game map to character select screen
  • Improvements to projectile script for more consistent travel speeds across types
  • Improved creature behavior to reduce getting stuck
  • Explosion Spark added when player lunge attacks meet each other
  • math for movement adjusted to account for mass on fish/creature
  • Bait for monster now takes priority over gold
  • Added PlayDead Feature
  • PlayDead does not work on monsters in savage mode.
  • Updated interface to use a bar to indicate gold being carried
  • Fixed team victory message for teams with only 1 player
  • moving platform script now supports dynamic rigidbodies