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Aqua Lungers Full Release Date and Updates Log!

Version 1.0 of Aqua Lungers is just around the corner! For Real this time! On Austust 9th, Aqua Lungers will transition from Early Access to Full Release on Steam. That means no more placeholder assets, improved creature behavior, less bugs, and improved balance and difficulty.


Besides changes to the game itself, there will also be updates to the pricing. Once Aqua Lungers transitions to full release, the price will change from Early Access price to Full price. For those of you looking for a deal it’ll only last until August 9th. I’ve also been careful to make sure any save data you have for the game would carry over once the game updates to Full Release, which happens automatically when it becomes available.

You’re still here!? Ah, that must mean you’d like to read more details about all the changes you’ll find in the full release. Thank you so much for sticking around! Without further ado, here are the changes:

Changes March 2019

  • Improvements to start screen Audio

  • New Walrus Boss

  • Only display winning players for fastest completion times

  • Visual Improvements to leader-board and stats display

  • Nameless leader-board entries now show player number as name (for legacy save files)

  • New animated shoreline graphic created for level select map

  • Boss Creatures can now target things that are behind breakable objects

  • Snow particles in Ice levels now have trails

  • Changes to breakable rocks in Desert Level A

  • New Thunder Projectile created for serpent boss with limited stage navigation

  • One way planks added to shore in beginner stages to make getting out from water easier

  • Tweaks to homing projectile to improve interaction with gravity

  • New Victory music plays when completing levels

  • New graphics created for ice levels

  • Gamepad buttons now depicted in menus and UI

  • Fix to ground colliders in level 1-A

  • New flag graphic created for completed levels

  • Added thumbstick support to name entry window

  • Rearranges levels on level select map

  • New art assets created for Swamp area of level select map

  • Creatures no longer target dead players while performing an ability

  • More powerful abilities created for serpent boss

  • Adjustments made to level 1-A color and layout

Changes Apr 2019

  • Fixed Menu music stopping prematurely

  • Fixed bug that prevented creature weak points from taking damage in rapid succession

  • Fixed bug that prevented stats menu from navigating in both directions

*** The above changes are available in latest Early Access version of Aqua Lungers. The following changes will apply to Full Release Version***

Changes Apr 2019

  • New phantom creature created

  • Updates to creature behavior and abilities

  • Crayfish Boss now summons Phantoms instead of Fish

  • Phantoms now spawn from various points in swamp levels

  • Creatures now rotate toward Zero after an ability is used outside of water

  • Fixed bug that allowed creatures to double attack on land

  • Normal enemies can now have their base attack interrupted

  • New tombstone prop created that spawn phantoms

  • Level select map now auto selects level 1-A when entering from character select

  • Breakable objects can now spawn objects after being destroyed

  • New animation hooks added to breakable objects

  • New art created for swamp levels

  • MeatBall drop upon player death now includes a piece of fabric that matches player color

  • Added ability for moving object to follow a dynamic target

  • Fixed bug that caused creature physics to not be set correctly after using an ability

  • Fixed Animation bug that caused Crawfish boss to play ability animation after being successfully interrupted

Changes May 2019

  • All Swamp levels redone with aforementioned ghostly assets

  • Creature spawners can now either have their own creature pool or a shared one.

  • Added ability for moving object to exclude starting position as a waypoint

  • Players can no longer climb trigger colliders not tagged “Ground”

  • Phantom creature no longer pushes players during windup animation

  • New Flame Jellyfish created

  • Flame Jellyfish added to volcano stages

  • Difficulty adjusted for volcano stages (new enemy, layout, spawning positions)

  • New Stage created for Ice Boss

  • Updated Map Graphic for Dungeon section of Level Select Map

  • Player Name select now has a character limit

  • Fishman Abilities now give players more time to react

  • Fishman now has less health and resistance to stun

  • Walrus Boss now has higher movement speed, more health, and greater stun resistance

  • Fixed points scored from boss damage during boss stages not being applied to team members

  • Fixed Aqua Lungers logo not being removed when player spawn into a match

  • Damage flash animation added to Fishman

  • Added time attack mode, corresponding Time Records and Time Record Viewer

  • Changed phantom assets from green glow to purple glow

  • Updated map graphic for Ice Area of Level select map

  • Projectiles now play sound effect when hitting boss creature or player shield

  • Updated map graphic for Swamp Area of Level select map

  • Fixed animation bug that caused text to flicker when entering level select map

  • Screen flash animation added to boss defeat sequence

  • Serpent pieces now disappear one after the other after creature killed

  • Updated map graphic for Volcano Area of Level select map

  • Fixed bug that caused map item to not appear locked when they were locked

  • Added level intro animation to levels that didn't have one

  • Adjusted out of lives text to mention respawn cost

  • Improvements to victory sequence when defeating bosses

Changes June 2019

  • Controls for player name entry adjusted

  • Aqua Shield now takes 3 hits instead of 4

  • Players can now only carry 2 Aqua Shields at a time

  • Adjustments to new character select position and animation

  • Player tutorial prompts can now check corresponding treasure spawners for loot

  • Tutorial prompt timings adjusted

  • random monster select in level options now works better

  • Crawfish boss now has a savage mode indicator graphic

  • Updated level screenshots in level select menu

  • Updated monster graphics in level select menu

  • Default monster option now displays correct graphic

  • Updated art for Pink Monsters dynamic tentacles

  • New Health bar graphic for Bosses

  • Fixed ground lava on volcano stage not doing damage to Aqua Shield

  • Added water ripples in stages where they were missing

  • Control mapping images updated with new art

  • Fixed bug that caused menu dimming to display incorrectly

  • Tweaks to explosion graphic

  • Remove scores of 0 from leader-board

  • Trailer removed from start screen

  • Control viewer type setting no longer fights with auto input setting

  • All Levels complete message displays after defeating last boss