WarpedCore Studio

Games from the mind of Diego Almazan

WarpedCore Studio is an Austin based digital art creation business focused on producing new and exciting imagery for a wide variety of applications.  Previous works have included concept art for videogames, card game illustrations, and assets for video production.

Updates March 2018

Most of the changes this month are polish in the code driving various systems in the game. There have also been some additions to content including a new stage, enemy variants, and a new powerup.

  • Adjust LionfishMans hit box for special move to fix hits that should be out of reach
  • Added in air animations for creatures (no more walking in air)
  • Math for lure script tweaked to diminish increases in power as targets increase. (power goes up when targets go up, but less so)
  • Players can no longer deploy special items during lunge attack
  • created alternate ice stage
  • Inputs: Fix for inputs not being slotted in to Player Stand-ins when a controller is disconnected and replaced in the character select menu.
  • Fish added that can shoot players.
  • added option to enable/disable vsync in game menu.
  • Monsters now move slower while dazed
  • level select menu now only takes input from player who initiated menu
  • Music volume in start screen now takes left/right input
  • Option menu item in place to change lighting resolution.
  • Added delay when running out of a power up to help reduce accidental firing of next powerup
  • Improved compatibilty between treasure and buoyancy scripts, and made adjustments to treasures and powerups accordingly.
  • Gravity well ability and pickup created for players. Can currently be found in Levels 6 and 7.
  • adjusments made to render texture connected to lighting for improved resolution and smoother gradients.
  • Fixed issue that was causing projectiles to stutter when vsync is enabled.
  • Fixed issue that was causing projectiles to speed up or slow down depending on fixedUpdate timing
  • Fixed prjectiles not being flipped propperly each time they are spawned
  • Tweaked javelin settings for player and creatures
  • Fixed issue that was causing player lunge attack to have inconsistent speed when changing fixedUpdate timing
  • Added flip animation when player spawns
  • Added 3/4 second invincibilty for spawning players
  • whirlwind shield now blocks nonKinematic projectiles while not boosting projectiles fired by the user
  • bubble shield now takes damage from projectile layer
  • Added mock logo to start screen.