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WarpedCore Studio is an Austin based digital art creation business focused on producing new and exciting imagery for a wide variety of applications.  Previous works have included concept art for videogames, card game illustrations, and assets for video production.

Aqua Lungers Shirt


Aqua Lungers Shirt

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Share your love for Aqua Lungers and look good doing it! These shirts come in the classic grey textured color that simply refuses to go out of style and includes the Aqua Lungers logo front and center.

The fabric itself is a super comfortable blend of cotton (90%) and Polyester (10%) that will make you wonder when shirts felt so good. These are soft, warm, and sturdy. Supplies are limited, so get them before they run out!

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These shirts are a bit on the narrow side and do shrink. If you are the type that prefers something more loosely fitted, consider a size bigger than you might normally go.